One of the biggest impacts I hope to make with my business is the opportunity to give back to the organizations that are creating a better world for us all. I strive to create a business model that not only provides the best experience for my couples, brands, and families in front of the camera, but also for the missions on my heart.

I am passionate about accessibility and language acquisition for deaf* children. I truly believe that early-age language acquisition is a right for all, not a privilege, and we should strive to ensure that hard-of-hearing and deaf* children have the access to language and education in order to thrive. I am also an advocate for animals, the environment, and the outdoors. I promise to use my business for the good of our neighbors. I hope you'll join me on these missions.

American Society for Deaf Children

5% of every MKC Photo Session or Marketing Package will be donated to support the ASDC mission. Read more below.

American Society for Deaf Children

5% of every MKC Photo Session or Marketing Package will be donated to support the ASDC mission. Read more below.

Language is essential to the human race to connect, learn, grow, empathize, communicate, and form necessary relationships for a rich, purposeful life full of opportunity and love. To many deaf* children, language is not something that comes easy, nor is it completely accessible. Nearly 90% of deaf children are born to hearing adults who do not have any experience with sign language, deaf culture, or non-verbal communication.

This is why I am so excited and proud to partner with The American Society for Deaf Children (ASDC). ASDC is committed to empowering diverse families with deaf* children and youth by embracing full access to language-rich environments through mentoring, advocacy, resources, and collaborative networks.

5% of every photography and marketing package will be donated to ASDC to support families and their mission to learn American Sign Language for their children to connect, communicate, and thrive. These donations will help fund family memberships, online ASL courses, family community building exercises, family summer camp events, and so much more!

ASDC helps parents learn ASL so they can communicate and connect with their children from the beginning. ASL provides a strong foundation for learning other languages like English and Spanish and sets the stage for success in school. It may not surprise you to learn that more than 90% of deaf and hard-of-hearing children are born to hearing parents. But it may surprise you to learn that many of those parents will never learn sign language – a decision that will have a huge impact on the rest of their child’s life. ASDC works hard to close that gap and create a connection via language to strengthen families, build confidence and education for all deaf and hearing individuals.

To learn more about ASDC and their mission, visit

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Why Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF)?

It is RMEF's mission to protect, support, and enhance the sustainable habitats and migration passages for these incredible animals. Through land protection, habitat stewardship, and elk restoration process, RMEF works hard each year to help preserve and restore elk populations across the nation including in West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.  Since 1984, RMEF has opened, secured, or improved public access to more than 1.3 million acres of elk habitat across the country for hunters, hikers, anglers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. They also ensure the future of our hunting heritage. Hunters were the first conservationists and remain the mightiest force the conservation world has ever known.

How can you help support RMEF?

20% of every purchase from my Wildlife and Landscapes Print Shop will be donated to RMEF to support their mission to conserve these beautiful animals and their habitats. Visit the MKC Wildlife and Landscapes Print Shop now!