If you are newly engaged, congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life. One of the first things you will need to do is start planning your wedding timeline and making decisions on your location, vendors, and guest list, including your wedding photographer. While processes can change from vendor to vendor, here's what you should expect when contacting a wedding photographer in Dallas or Oklahoma.


Initial Inquiry Of Services

To contact me about wedding photography services, you'll want to fill out my contact form. This includes a few questions about the type of photography you're interested in, the location, the date, and the ability to share your ideas and vision with me for your wedding. In addition, you'll want to specify if you're an Oklahoma bride or a Texas bride. Once you fill this out, I'll reach out so that we can set aside time to chat further about what you need!


Setting Up A Meeting

After we've exchanged a few emails, we'll set up a meeting in person or over a video call, whatever is most comfortable for you. During this meeting, we'll chat about what you're envisioning for your photos and get to know each other. This is a great time to make sure that we're the right fit for each other and ensure that we're on the same page about what you need.


Creating A Timeline

After we've decided to work together, I'll help you create a timeline for your wedding day. This will ensure that we have plenty of time scheduled for photos and minimize any stress on the day of so that everyone's on the same page. Timelines will typically include when I'll arrive, when we'll stop throughout the take some photos, and when my services are completed. It'll also include the order of images we'll take such as getting ready photos, wedding party, family formals and more.


Signing The Contract & Finalizing Details

Once we've created a timeline and you're happy with the services I'm providing, I'll send over a contract for you to sign, which will include a payment required at the time of booking. This will finalize our agreement and ensure that there are no surprises on your wedding day. After the contract is signed, all you have to do is sit back and relax knowing that you have the right photographer by your side.


Constant Communication

Once we've signed the contract, you'll have my cell phone number, and I'll be available anytime for any questions or concerns you may have. I want to ensure that your wedding day is as stress-free as possible, and that means being there for you every step of the way!


Let's Chat About Your Wedding Photography Goals!

Whether you're looking for a wedding photographer in Texas or a wedding photographer in Oklahoma, I'm here to help. I'm excited to chat with you about your wedding photography goals and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me through my website to get started.