Tired of Date Night Feeling Like Groundhog Day?

It happens. I know it all too well. You plan a date night for you and your significant other and before you know it, you start to notice it's the same ol' restaurant, same ol' dinner, same ol' same ol' as months before. Ready to try a new tradition and revive those butterflies in your tummy when you make plans for a date again? Let's dive into my favorite ideas for date night on any budget!

Axe Throwing and BYO...

Axe Throwing is becoming a staple for small towns and large cities alike. Many offer the chance to bring your own food and beverages in to the vicinity as well. Challenge your partner to a grueling match, or invite other couples to play tag team. You'd be amazed at how fun (challenging) this simple activity can become!

A Couples Photoshoot

In Oklahoma and looking for a fun and memorable way to capture you and your loved one's smiles and laughter? Schedule a sunset photoshoot! Get dressed up, take pictures under a setting sun, and feel those first-date butterflies return to your tummy. A photoshoot is also a great way to connect with your partner on a romantic and emotional level that you may not get to do often with the hustle bustle of life. Let your photographer guide you in your prompts and capture your authentic gazes. Want a little extra? Make sure you stop for a milkshake or pull over to count the stars on your way home!

A Cocktail Crafting Class

Know of a good place that offers instructional classes on how to craft your new favorite cocktail? Or a distillery that offers tours and tastings? Get dressed up and try to learn something new you both can enjoy now and do later after you return to real-life!

Dinner in a Movie

Know of a good movie that is out? Thankfully COVID restrictions are loosening up and movie theaters across the country are opening back up with new and improved amenities like plush recliners, in-seat food ordering capabilities, and even craft beer options that can be delivered to you! Look for a theater near you and showtimes. Then use that trip home to talk about your favorite scenes and snacks!

Backyard Banquet

Who says you have to venture out to have the perfect date night? Summer is the perfect time to spend more time outside, especially during the evening hours when it begins to cool down and the sky turns pretty pinks and purples. Set up your patio for a dinner that you cook (or have delivered), create a playlist with your favorite songs, and sit down to a lovely night taking in the best season of the year with your best friend beside you. Just be sure to bring the bug spray.

Move That Bod and Drink a Brew

Find a local running route and head to a brewery afterwards to sip on an ice cold favorite. Hit a trail and finish it at sunset with a cooler full of your favorite sodas or flavored seltzers. Pack grapes or watermelon to help hydrate you after your workout. It's been said that couples who sweat together, stay together! Or something like that *wink*.

Escape Rooms or Murder Mystery Parties

Looking for a double date, triple date, or bigger group outing with other couples? Escape Rooms and Murder Mystery themed dinner parties are also growing in popularity and only cost you a small fee to participate. Meet up with close friends and give it a go, working together to find out who done' it! Or work through riddles to find your way back out to reality. These are a great way to try something new, go out of your comfort zone, and experience each other's problem solving skills in a whole new light!

Have other ideas for the perfect date night in Oklahoma that doesn't sound like the same ol' same ol'? Share them in the comments below, I'd love to add to the list! If you're interested in trying a photo session for your next date night, I'd love to help you with the BEST DATE NIGHT YOU'LL EVER HAVE! Contact me and ask me about my weeknight specials this Summer!