Me Lately

If you follow me on social media, you've probably noticed I've been a bit MIA lately. Mostly because I've fallen victim to Imposter Syndrome more times than I'd like to admit. And the feeling of burnout has crept in as the year started to drift from warm summer nights and green grass on our toes to crisp Autumn sunsets and falling leaves. This is why I decided to take a step back from accepting as many assignments as I can so I may refine my process and create with the goal to CREATE (and re-light the fire behind this amazing passion)!

Falling down the rabbit hole of unique teachings and techniques from talented artists in different genres, I've found my heart is shifting towards a different style. One thing I've found to be a complete game-changer in my photography is taking more time to compose my shots, noting natural colors and tones, and relinquishing the crutch I've held on editing in post-prod to perfect the image's "look". For a long time, I spent many hours focusing on how to edit my images rather than taking them... Now I am working to refine the actual technique of photographing with purpose, selecting settings on my camera that match the scene in front of me, and creating beautiful content rather than eye-catching colors or brushes that take away from what is taking place in the photo.

My word for 2023 is REFINEMENT


Finding Inspiration

I've found incredible inspiration this year from more purpose-driven photographers that take heart in composing images with accurate-to-life visions and minimal yet intricate approaches, like KT Merry, Ali Harper, Tac Petaja, and Sean Thomas.

Their approach to photography is simple. Capture the moment. Capture the emotion. And the image will be one to captivate hearts and catch eyes fast and forever. They focus their business on a purpose and use their passions to impact the communities around them, even outside of Photography. They have morals, values, and goals, all of which align with creating a more beautiful world around them... Oh, and editing can come later.

That's why this upcoming year, I am inspired not to accumulate everything and go after anything as I did in the past. This year I hope to be able to say NO to more things and only say YES to those that will inspire, strengthen, and refine. Refine the aspects that make up the most important parts of my life and craft. 

KT Merry in Zambia (Photo credit @KTMerry)

The session at White Moose Studios- Scissortail

This session at White Moose Studios on December 3rd was one I put together with the thought of being minimally elegant. Focusing on colors and textures. I asked our beautiful model, Katie, to wear her natural makeup and do only a little styling on her hair to make her feel at ease and comfortable. I rented this beautifully textured gown (The Santana") from Utah Gowns, and its ruffles and natural colors were absolutely perfect. The results were all I could hope for and more. Just more so confirming my belief that natural, simple approaches are bound to yield the best results. Finding elegance and extraordinary through simplicity. That sounds like a goal for the New Year I can get behind.