Never lose sight of all that is beautiful

When I arrived to photograph Bethany and her little boy "Emby", the sky was gray and the wind chilly. The park was bare with just a few walkers and leashed dogs. As soon as Bethany and her mini me exited her car, the little boy was ready to explore. He wanted to touch every rock, draw in every patch of dirt, and walk among every field of dry grass and twigs. The clouds broke for a brief moment in the evening, allowing for some beautiful sun rays to ricochet off of his glowing skin. Like his mom and I, he felt the warmth return to the earth after a frigid morning.

I loved spending the afternoon with these two beautiful souls. The smiles were genuine, and so was the desire to explore and find beauty in every rock, stick, and leaf. One of my favorite things about photographing families here in Oklahoma. The wonder in wandering. It's a beautiful, life-giving feeling I pray we all never lose!