Dress the Dude for Your Photoshoot

It can be easy for us ladies to have an idea of how we should dress for our upcoming photoshoots. Flowy dresses, lacy blouses, and balletic skirts are seen in most photos to help guide us in the hunt for the perfect ensemble. It can be much harder for our guys to know what to wear to compliment your attire. Colors, patterns, and style can be a huge question mark for our dudes when thinking what would look the best in their photos.

Guys can have a tougher time thinking through what they will wear for the photos they are going to take. Most likely, because their girlfriend, fiancé, or wife is asking to have them taken (trust me, ladies! I get it and see it often!) But hopefully these rules and suggestions are helpful when picking the most comfortable style to make those pictures unforgettable!

Rules to follow for your photoshoot:

  • Avoid harsh contrasting colors like black and purple
  • Try to find clothing without large logos, embroidery, or emblems
  • Try to avoid loud patterns like multi-lined stripes, large polkadots, and other patterns
  • You don't have to wear collared shirts if you don't want to!
  • Try it out a day or two before your shoot, standing next to her outfit and see how it looks together
  • Skin always looks good in photos- don't be afraid to show off your arms and legs if it's a warm day!
  • If it's hot, pick colors that won't easily show sweat (because there may be some sweat involved)
  • No holes, ripped jeans, or stained up clothing (unless there is a specific aesthetic for the shoot and your photographer tells you that these items are A-GO!)
  • REMOVE ALL PHONES, KEYS, WALLETS, ETC... from your pockets, lads! Trust us on this one. Just... trust us.
  • Find something that you like and would wear again, the style should reflect you and your personality too!
  • Look at different stores and options. Take a look at a few of my favorites below to start your search:

My go-to stores for men's photoshoot attire

  1. Express
  2. Kohls
  3. MaxiZero
  4. J Crew
  5. Nordstrom