Join me for a vintage-inspired elopement in Fort Worth, Texas.

This beautiful couple braved the forecast that called for gusty winds and drizzle all morning in Fort Worth. The weather held out, thankfully, but it didn't really matter... their love shined through like sunlight anyway!

We took some lovely portraits along the busy streets of the city, capturing quiet moments on the street corner in front of this beautiful chapel with wooden doors and stained glass. The breeze played with Payton's hair and dress like a child in spring with the billowing grass. It was magical, from start to finish. Take a look at their beautiful day and love story, below!


Everything from the color of Scott's jacket to the pearls in Payton's earrings was planned to create this vintage feel that felt just like the movies. Their love, on the other hand, is obviously one that is ageless... timeless. They shared secrets and whispered to one another while lenses changes and clouds passed. They held each other through chilly wind gusts and goosebumps. The scarf caught the breeze and brushed across her bare shoulder blades, only making the scene that much more romantic!

Capturing the smiles between the wind and rain

For those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this day, you were probably on high alert with the looming chances of high winds, hail, rain, and even tornadoes. While the storms did arrive later in the day, the morning we spent capturing these two and their beautiful love story was nothing but breezy and warm. We took a walk from this beautiful cathedral all the way down to the courthouse. We captured smiles along crosswalks, hands held at street corners, and smiles on sidewalks. It was magical from start to finish.

Let your love lead you on many adventures that make up your life...


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