This is an invitation for YOU

Have you ever had a huge dream that you thought was too out of reach. Something that was "fun" to think of but you knew it was unobtainable? This is an invitation for you to go after what is on your heart today. If you have a dream that you think is too lofty or too hard to achieve, I invite you to think about its possibilities differently today.

A year ago today, I thought it would be fun to do photography on the side. I dreamed of owning my own business and creating images and words that inspired people on the side of another full time job. But now, I shifted my perspective. I know now I want to be the boss of my own day. I am working so hard to grow my business and make it into one that I can love and live behind full time! How did I get here? I learned what made me feel whole, inspired, and creative. Something as small as the sweats I put on after a hard workout and the habits I form for my morning routine. These things opened my eyes to what was important to me. What made me- ME!

What Fuels Your Fire?

Are you an athlete? What about a food connoisseur? Do you find empowerment through sports? Or what about the outdoors? Do you meditate and find strength through peace? Make a list of what makes you feel whole and true to your personal missions in life. Then, do those things and be where you know you can be present.

For me, I love the outdoors. I love running and getting sweaty. This fuels the energy and motivation in me to keep pushing for more and more. I feel infinitely limitless when after a workout, sweats on, coffee in hand, hair in a pony, taking a walk outside and planning out my day- whether it be for work or personal projects. I know what makes me feel good, and I find ways to pursue that everyday- I invite you to do the same!

Be Unapologetic

You can be forceful yet kind. You can be tough yet gentle. Don't let society push you towards one pole or the other. Be confident in the person you are and know that the intentions behind your actions are good. There is nothing to apologize for if you are seeking the best for yourself and for others, even if it means standing your ground in certain situations and confronting people about issues that are important to you.

Celebrate Your Favorite Parts of You

If you love playing soccer and being out in the evenings under stadium lights, celebrate that part of you that makes you feel alive! If you feel inspired after going to a coffee shop and sipping on a latte while writing out your next potential fiction novel, CELEBRATE that side of you. While there are so many people out there that enjoy these things and share these interests, there is only one YOU that feels the exact way you do when you do the things you love. Celebrate that hour in the kitchen that you get to make something delicious for you and your loved ones to eat. Celebrate game night or catching fireflies with your kids. Our life is fleeting, and if you don't celebrate what makes you- YOU- then time will just pass you by!

Let's Find What Empowers You

Are you ready to celebrate the very thing that makes you who you are? Interested in capturing those moments that make you feel whole, inspired, and empowered? Let's do it! Empowerment sessions are yours to make your own. Do them with your family, a friend, or solo. These are meant to capture you in your element. Contact me to learn more about how we can celebrate you in your upcoming photoshoot today!