What is Brand Photography?

Your brand as a successful business is much more than fonts, logos, and colors. It is your visual identity that needs to shout your purpose to the world. Your brand is what creates a voice behind your work and communicates with clients- "I am here to solve your problems for you and here's what I am about". It's a defining persona behind your products or services that makes you relatable and relevant.

So what is Brand Photography? Brand Photography is a way to incorporate everything that communicates your mission to your clients/customers in a cohesive, visual fashion. It connects people to your product or service so that people KNOW when they are seeing your content. It makes you recognizable and builds credibility within your brand.

So Why Do I Need Brand Photography for my Business?

You've heard me say in the previous paragraphs the 3 R's when it comes to establishing a strong visual brand online: Relatability, Relevance, and Recognition.


82% of consumers trust a company more — and 77 % are more likely to buy from a company — if the founder uses social media. The voice behind the brand needs to be present and making the company as human as possible. Think about the many times you sit on customer support lines listening to bots tell you to push a certain key or to wait on hold. Now think about when you get to call an actual human to explain your problem and have them listen in order to resolve it quickly. Which do you prefer? Probably the latter, am I right?

It's because you feel comfortable and respected as a consumer. You know you will speak to someone who is relatable and helpful in your time of need. That's why it's important for the owner and creators of the brand are present in your voice and your photos on your social media, website, print media, and so one. Make your business human and relatable.


When you create your online presence, your photos reflect a style and consistency behind your messaging. Using photos that show your face, your brand, your mission, etc... is a perfect way to create a consistent and recognizable persona behind the drape. Remember- people only spend 1-3 seconds looking at an image in order to decide if the content and message behind it are worth their time and energy. If they see your content and don't know who or what is being presented to them, they won't waste their time. Consistent brand photography will allow for your audience to know exactly what they will receive as soon as they see it. Much like the notable "swoosh", make your image be a memorable one.


If you sell sports apparel or accessories and you have had several launches since you last had professional photos done, are you staying relevant in your market? If you are focusing on producing and selling wool socks in preparation for the upcoming season change, yet your photos are of athletes in sports bras, sweaty summer attire, and in the sweltering heat with barely any clothes on... is your brand relevant to what your audience is going through?

Brand Photography allows for you to keep up with current trends, show people: "I am going through what you are going through" and makes your services and products relevant to what your audience needs. Keeping up with your customer's needs and offering solutions they need in a timely basis is key to your business' success. Create visuals that show that to your audience!

Start Using Brand Photography

Ready to commit to boosting your brand's identity online and in print with stunning images that not only speak your mission but also produce a visual persona for your audience?

Let's get started-

Coming into the arena and committing to this can be scary for business owners. I always recommend for business owners who are wanting to pursue brand photography- know your mission, know your story, and prepare for success. It's that simple!

Did you know? I offer brand photography sessions as well as bundles and yearly packages for your business that will ensure all of your digital and print marketing needs are met and your brand screams your mission from the rooftops. Are you ready to start making your business stand out and communicate EXACTLY what you want it to say to your customers with beautiful and carefully crafted images? Contact me today and we can talk through what option is best for you!