Why Is Productivity So Important Now?

Since we've moved to Oklahoma and I've become a part-time photographer, I've noticed that being productive is becoming increasingly more important. And lucky me... I love playing around with productivity hacks. Excuse me while I geek out for a second... and a half). It's like solving the "How do I add more hours to my day" problem I know 98% of us have! Imagine having at least 15 more hours in your week? What would you do with it? How would you spend those extra hours and with who? Time is a gift, and if we are productive when it counts, we will surely have more time to gift to others (and to ourselves).

Here are my top 5 productivity hacks and tips:

Take Breaks

Sound counterintuitive, I know. But studies show you can maintain full focus on a specific task for a MAX of 60-90 minutes before your mind begins to fatigue and need a break. Set a timer, and get up to stretch, play with the pup, or throw in a load of laundry for 5-10 minutes after 60 minutes of hard work. I promise, your drive will return and you'll find the next 60 minutes will be as productive as the last! 

Limit Your Social Media

Pretty straight forward, right? On average, Americans spend TWO AND A HALF HOURS A DAY on social media. That's about 17.5 hours A WEEK. Imagine what you could achieve if you got even HALF of that time back to focus on your dreams, your health, your FAMILY. Limit your social media with in-apps settings that allow for time restrictions, notifying you 

Batch, Batch, Batch!

This is especially for my If you are an entrepreneur and freelance content creator friends, but also for my stay at home mommas! Pick a day (or a window of time each day) that you focus on batching your work. Make Mondays Blog day, writing content to fill your monthly blog quota. Or maybe it's Social Media Content day- use this day to focus on one task and get as much done so you can schedule it out and then focus more time on other areas of your business or life later on down the road.


I am a huge advocate for making lists. In fact, I make several lists each day. On Sundays I begin with a weekly list of things I need to do, want to do, and hope to do. Then, each day I copy over what I need to do that day. This helps me to prioritize what I KNOW needs to be completed on a deadline and what can wait. Psychologist and Author Dr. David Cohen says, "our love of to-do lists can be explained in three ways : lists dampen anxiety about the chaos of life; they give us a structure, a plan that we can stick to; and they are proof of what we have achieved that day, week or month." Set aside 2 minutes each morning to write what HAS to be done and get excitement when you get to cross things off as you go!

Hydrate and Rest

This isn't just for athletes. Your brain needs water to function and focus. Not sure how much water to consume to be at your peak? Doctor's suggest AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces of water a day. So, for example- if you weigh 150 lbs., aim to drink at least 75-80 ounces of water each day to allow for healthy brain function and optimum performance. And while you may think, "rest? isn't that the opposite of productivity?" No hun, procrastination is the opposite of productivity. And how much more likely are you to procrastinate by laying on the couch, watching TV, and scrolling on your phone when you're tired, irritable, and malnourished? Take the time to sleep 6-8 hours a night. If you are a new momma and this isn't possible, sneak in those naps when you can to get to that 8 hour-a-day quota somehow!

Whether you're a stay at home momma, a content creator, photographer, CEO, entrepreneur, teacher, or anything in between, I know we all think sometimes that we can be a bit more productive. Try these simple tips and tell me in the comments if you notice your productivity soar!